The project is organised around the idea of leisure courses and reinterpretation of schoolyards inscribed in our memories: protected, enclosed, wooded space where childhood can evolve out of sight. These courtyards are real entrances to the great landscape at the center of the architectural project. Developed mainly on the ground floor in order to facilitate the use of parents / children / staff, the vast majority of the building offers living spaces open to the south on a landscaped area. It acts as a shell on the street and opens widely to the outdoor spaces that it multiplies: courtyard, patio, courtyard of the daycare center, playground

Strong points

  • Sensitive inscription in the landscape spirit of the site
  • Equipment whose architectural writing reveals the public character by responding to the urban scale
  • The “comb” organization allows the kindling to penetrate the heart of the project


Multi reception 30 places, relay of maternal assistance and reception of children / parents, administrative premises, activity and early learning premises, outdoor spaces