In a constant search for improvements of what already exists, innovation is an integral part of Mengeot & Associés' expertise. The examples of achievements that we evoke here attest to our ability to find answers to complex issues for certain architectural projects.
In addition to recognized expertise in the medico-social field, the Mengeot & Associés agency carries out large-scale projects in the tertiary sector and culture. Through these three achievements, the agency evokes approaches drawn from its knowledge of design and user comfort.
If color is an extraordinary means of expressing ideas and emotions, it is also an effective ally in architecture and in adapted architecture. Through color, the Mengeot & Associés agency makes the link between architectural design and users.
For the Mengeot & Associés agency, outdoor space occupies an important place in every architectural project. Construction, rehabilitation or extension, outdoor installations and green spaces are carried out simultaneously for the comfort of residents. The integration of nature in medico-social architecture can also reveal precious therapeutic virtues.