This restaurant, located at the bow of a new housing building, in a new district of Meudon la Forêt, is open to the outside to show the spectacle of the preparation of pizzas and grills. A traditional wood-fired pizza oven is the focal point, every guest will be able to see it. The differents parts are organized around this oven : the bar, the cooking area, the reception desk and the presentation of antipasti.
The room can accommodate 115 guests including 24 around the bar. The outdoor terrace doubles the capacity on sunny days.
To create the largest possible dining room, Mengeot & Associate has installed the technical rooms and storages in a mezzanine partly above the kitchens.

Strong points

  • Organization of the room around the wood-fired pizza oven, symbol of the Neapolitan culinary tradition
  • Organization of the kitchen to allow guests to appreciate the work of the cooks (highlighting the traditional preparation)
  • Development of an image of the restaurant in relation to the theme dear to the associates: product quality and cook’s know-how, respect for traditions, while remaining in tune with the times
  • To evoke the Neapolitan region, the exterior terrace is an extension of the interior, the glazed facades can fully be opened.
  • Acoustic treatment of the premises for the comfort of the guests
  • Reversible air conditioning system, with thermostat, placed in the ceiling for a soft diffusion (5m / s)
  • Fume extraction system from the wood-fired oven by misting system