The BIOASCOGEN group called on the agency to design its new laboratory in Gennevilliers. The new walls previously housed a shop at the ground floor whose storage was located upstairs.
To set up the laboratory there, it was necessary to completely rethink the use of this volume on 3 levels.

Entering into a medical biology laboratory means, for the patient, to be welcomed, to wait, then to access to the sampling laboratory area. But above all, it is to allow all the back office workers, from the secretariat to the biologist, including the courier, to circulate the samples, results or other without coming into spatial conflict with each other. These trajectories are defined in a rhythmic and regulated cycle between the phase of taking a sample until the delivery of its result. It was this understanding of laboratory work that had to be transcribed into plans.

In addition to the design of the premises, the agency also worked on the signage and furniture design of the reception area, the nerve center of the laboratory.

The reception desk, a workspace for secretarial staff but also a real showcase for the laboratory, required significant ergonomic work in its design in order to meet all practical requirements (functionality, IT equipment, solidity, etc.) but also regulatory such as confidentiality, accessibility for people with reduced mobility, etc.

Strong points

  • The voluntarily open volume leads it into each space, even into the boxes where a narrow glazed frame lets the daylight enter but not the views thanks to a translucent glass.
  • All the premises are ventilated thanks to a double flow ventilation system and a reversible air conditioning network allows the premises to be heated or cooled in order to maintain a constant temperature throughout the year.
  • The changing rooms and staff rooms have logically found their place on the 1st floor, behind a largely glazed facade on the street, and protected by remote-controlled interior screens.
  • The work room, a space dedicated to the processing of samples, is a long room, with two completely glazed facades and allowing a linear organization of each step necessary for the analysis of the samples.