On a steeply sloping site, the architectural project is organized into 3 living units, treated identically as independent buildings on stilts. The rooms, oriented towards the great landscape, are in direct connection with the common areas. An important work on the quality of both natural and artificial lighting has been carried out. The agency has been able to take advantage of the constraints and create an organization with high quality of use: the residents, aging mentally disabled, live well in these intimate and friendly places. The jury of the 2012 Regional Architecture Grand Prix was touched by this reflection on the quality of life they felt through this elder-friendly project.

Strong points

  • Timber Frame building and wooden facades and concrete floor
  • Project in response to clear program choices: independent living units, bedrooms overlooking the living spaces of the unit
  • Wooden elevator shaft (first achievement in France)
  • Use of an innovative product: “COFRADAL” composite floor with integrated thermal insulation


  • Bioclimatic design
  • All rooms are facing South-East / South-West
  • Natural lighting of all premises including circulation
  • Electric heating programming (radiant panels, high inertia heating floor). Double flow ventilation programming (common rooms)
  • Storage and infiltration of EP on site by buried basins
  • Treatment of thermal bridges
  • Wood structure and facades