The project consists of the complete reorganization of three existing establishments which will evolve into two establishments pooling medical administrative premises and activity premises.
This project is the first phase of the overall project which will be carried out following 4 phases. All the work will be carried out in an occupied environment.

Strong points

  • Development of a specific architecture respecting the volumetry of existing buildings to successfully integrate extensions
  • The buildings on the site were built at two distinct eras (1965 and 1993) with different architectures marking the eras of construction, the choice to respect this logic was made, and with this objective, the recent buildings (extension IME and foyer Mont Blanc) will have a well differentiated architecture to allow the reading of the different eras of construction on the whole site
  • Design of the overall project of the Foyer Mont Blanc taking into account the realization in four phases where for each of them the establishment continues to operate
  • Optimization of the footprint (regulatory constraint) thanks to the creation of English courses


  • Bioclimatic design, sizing of windows optimized according to the surface of the premises and their orientation
  • Architectural devices providing sun protection
  • Rainwater management by temporary retention on the roof and retention and infiltration / evaporation for exterior installations
  • Integral treatment of thermal bridges by curtain facades in wooden structure
  • Concrete structure to optimize load-bearing points and ensure good thermal inertia of the building (user comfort)
  • Heating provided by the site’s central gas boiler room (replaced by a condensing boiler)
  • Double flow ventilation (85% efficiency). Cold battery to ensure the cooling of the premises in the event of a heat wave (objective – 5 °)
  • Acoustic treatment of all premises by false ceiling and floor covering
  • Lighting control by time-delayed presence detector and natural light sensor
  • Generalized LED light source