The project consists of the construction of a building bringing together two IME and CHR structures and shared common premises.
Depending on the large number of different premises, the architecture adopted aims to show this diversity, each volume corresponding to a program element. The challenge was therefore to separate the different program elements and also to allow their relationship.
The design of the project takes into account the specificity of the type of handicap of the children and adolescents received (autistic) It creates easily identifiable spaces and locates by the children, work on the control of the size of the parts, their preferably simple geometry, the possibility of blackout windows, control of vision to the outside, the use of muted colors and specific attention to the acoustic treatment of the premises.

Strong points

  • Architecture adapted to the type of disability (children and adolescents, some of whom have autism spectrum disorders)
  • Taking into account the types of routes used by users – staff and people received (indoor and outdoor pedestrian routes)
  • Taking into account of professional tasks (route and layout of the premises) including those relating to upkeep and maintenance
  • Project volume showing the various building program elements
  • Natural illumination of the premises: The main premises have been designed to take advantage of good natural illumination
  • Internal circulation with extra widths to create sequences


  • Bioclimatic design: The design of the building takes into account the orientations to define the location of the premises and optimize the natural lighting of the premises thanks to a judicious location of the bays according to the orientation
  • Concrete structure reducing the number of load-bearing points (adaptation of the partitioning over the long term) and offering good thermal inertia necessary for the comfort of users
  • Curtain facade in wood structure allowing the treatment of thermal bridges
  • Architectural devices preventing overheating and glare