This reception structure is typical of the region, where, traditionally, the elderly were temporarily accommodated in “communal houses” to offer respite to families.

Strong points

  • Building with concrete post-beam structure and wooden facades
  • Creation of a street facade with an institutional aspect, with the aim of strengthening its image at the local level. Sloping site from the street to the north
  • Plot marked by its industrial past (sawmill)
  • Living units with enclosed gardens
  • Terrace of the dining room in direct connection with the public space (the street) and the entrance of the establishment, making it possible to strengthen the bonds of the residents with the environment
  • Creation of a circular peripheral outdoor health trail for the well-being of residents


  • All rooms are facing South-West – West
  • Natural lighting of all premises, including circulation
  • Project taking into account the possible evolution of the establishment: definition of the establishment of a fourth living unit
  • Structural framework designed to allow the possible evolution of the establishment (re-partitioning, redevelopment …)
  • Storage and infiltration of EP on site
  • Treatment of thermal bridges
  • Compliance with RT 2012