The 3.8-hectares site is located in the town of Saint-Mard-de-Reno, in the heart of the Perche Regional Natural Park. This exceptional location gives a remarkable natural setting to the scenery of the project.

A very extensive research was carried out to precisely dose the full and the empty: in order to reinforce the feeling of protection, the main room should not be too glazed to contain the apprehension and possible fears aroused by a night in the forest. On the contrary, framed openings allow you to enjoy glances at the fauna and flora of the forest thanks to skilfully studied window sills heights, thus also letting the sounds of the forest enter the shack discreetly.

Strong points

  • Interior surface of 35 m², augmented by a large terrace of 32 m² (its wooden roof allows you to stay there in all weather conditions)


Atypical leisure accommodation + spa