Innovation at the heart of our know-how

In a constant search for improvements of what already exists, innovation is an integral part of Mengeot & Associés’ expertise. The examples of achievements that we evoke here attest to our ability to find answers to complex issues for certain architectural projects. They reflect both engineering and sustainable development work, and are the result of an avant-garde approach. This quest for innovative solutions, inherent in our tailor-made approach, responds as closely as possible to the expectations of numerous associations and operators, our customers.

Design of the first wooden elevator shaft in France

This wooden elevator shaft project, located in the premises of the Logement Familial de L’Eure in Nonancourt (winner of the Eure architecture prize) meets a rigorous design. Therefore, the choice of materials used was dictated according to the constraints. This is about the realization of a “light” building. It optimizes the foundation system to compensate for a basement with poor mechanical characteristics.

Color by building
Wooden elevator shaft

A strategic choice regarding the material

For this purpose, the main material used was wood for the structure and the facades. Usually it is the concrete which is chosen for its mechanical and thermal qualities.
To respect these light design principles, the elevator shaft was for the first time in France, designed in wood. A result made possible thanks to the collaboration in the design phase with the company BESB LINARES specializing in the engineering of wooden structures and OTIS, elevator.
This wooden elevator shaft also benefits generously from natural light because it is composed of a glazed frame running over its entire height.

Development of a freecooling system

This innovative freecooling system allows the building to be cooled at night during the summer. A system created through the use of natural smoke extraction frames located at the foot of the facade.
Because it receives the public, this Medical Care Home located in Fontenay-sous-Bois, for regulatory reasons must be equipped with a smoke extraction system for the safety of people. These natural draft equipment ensure high flow rates. As part of the reflection on the performance of the building with regard to sustainable development, the idea was to use them to ensure freecooling, a principle of cooling the building during the summer season while taking advantage of the night freshness.
The challenge was therefore to develop an automatic device to manage their opening according to the outside and inside temperatures during the summer season.

The principle of freecooling

The principle is as follows: the air intake frames, integrated into the glazed joinery, are located at the foot of the facades, in the common living spaces. This location allows ventilation of common areas such as living rooms, dining rooms or circulation during the night. This is indeed the period during which residents are asleep in their rooms. This ventilation therefore does not create an unpleasant draft for these sensitive people.
This fully automated and autonomous structure frees the staff from any action. The objective is to free him as much as possible from any additional task to those directly related to the residents received.

Innovation at the heart of our know-how

POSTED THE : 7 November 2021
NAME OF SPEAKERS : Jean-Philippe Mengeot, Alice de Cagny, Andreea Trif


Boulogne-Billancourt, France