The works carried out on an occupied site allow the increase in capacity and the complete reorganization of the establishment. The residence can accommodate couples thanks to the construction of 2-room apartments with 2 bedrooms. The investments made both for the comfort of the rooms and collective spaces as for the care equipment make it possible to offer services adapted to the needs of residents and staff.

Strong points

  • Respect and rewrite of the existing architecture
  • Insertion into the site designed to highlight a Classified Wooded Area
  • Opening of interior spaces to the park
  • Versatility of activity spaces through movable partitions
  • Design of spaces according to residents’ disabilities
  • Rooms organized with a “night zone” and a “day zone”, and benefiting from accessible balconies
  • Design of circulation to animate and structure spaces and promote orientation of residents
  • Association of studios and adjoining rooms allowing the creation of two-room apartments: couples living together during the day and separately at night (caregiver rest)
  • Contemporary rewriting of the architecture of the extensions (dressed stone> precast white concrete)


  • Summer night over-ventilation (mechanical) and double-flow ventilation with cooling
  • Acoustic, hygrometric, visual and olfactory comfort
  • Fixed and mobile sun protection
  • Rainwater treatment by flooding depressions contributing to landscaping and biodiversity