The project consists of the partial rehabilitation of the establishment: redevelopment of administrative premises and reception, creation of an entrance hall, complete repair of the laundry room, complete reorganization of logistics premises including the production kitchen. This implies :
– The realization of an extension of approximately 80 m²
– The reorganization of the logistics premises and the production kitchen of an area of approximately 430 m²
– The creation of the airlock for the main entrance.
This operation was carried out in an occupied environment requiring multiple phases in consultation with the manager.

Strong points

  • Architectural writing of the extension similar to the existing one so as not to mark any difference (facades made of prefabricated concrete requiring a detailed study and numerous samples to find the right mixture of aggregates and obtain the same finish as the existing one)
  • Optimization of the operation of all logistics premises
  • Rooms requiring a high level of hygiene are made with materials that facilitate cleaning: resin on the floor, sandwich panel partition with lacquered sheet metal finish, hygienic and acoustic false ceiling
  • Development in consultation with the phasing manager of the works allowing the continuity of the operation of all the premises and ensuring the daily meals of the residents


  • Fine integration of the project into the site related to the existing building
  • Double flux ventilation
  • Lighting provided by LEDs and generalization of ignition by timed presence detector