The project provides for a series of developments around an existing establishment, with the aim of developing social ties. Outside, it is thanks to a large square creating a real meeting place, extended by a planted path leading to various equipments : petanque ground, greenery theatre,… the entire site regains consistency and unity thanks to that.
A heart of establishment has been created. In fact, the various program elements are organized around the reception hall. These premises are brought together in a single space to allow the organization of festive events (end of year celebrations, Saint John, etc.) to strengthen social ties.
The organization of the existing buildings is respected. The buildings created are located respecting the organizational geometry of the existing buildings.
The architectural style of the buildings created respects that of the existing buildings. The difference between existing and project becomes practically undetectable for the visitor. All the buildings have the same architectural style with the exception of the activity room pavilion. To accentuate the difference in the universe, the latter has a writing that breaks with that of the other buildings. It is located at a distance from others. Indeed, the fact of going to a different place makes it possible to diversify the daily rhythm of the residents, to structure their schedule and to strengthen their mental structure (getting up, bathing, having breakfast, going to work ( or doing activities), coming back from work, going to lunch, etc.).

The living units are organized according to the principle of a large apartment (separation of the daily used area from the night area), located around a patio. This offers the possibility of a looped circulation, allows the double orientation of the living rooms and the natural lighting of the circulations. The living units, of low occupancy (10 residents), help strengthen ties between residents, just like family ties. A gradation of privacy is granted, the entrance into the living unit is via the common living rooms, the shared bathroom is located in the heart of the “sleeping area”. Each living unit is characterized by a dominant color (in common rooms and corridors).

Strong points

  • Functional reorganization of the establishment carried out thanks to the buildings constructed
  • Integration of the construction phases from the design stage to allow construction in an occupied environment
  • Global design of interior and exterior spaces
  • Separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic to improve the safety of residents
  • Preservation of existing plants and enhancement for some


  • Bioclimatic design: good orientation of the premises: the rooms face East and West and the living rooms face South,
  • Rooms and circulation (horizontal and vertical) naturally lit
  • Windows equipped with solar protection devices (to avoid overheating): rolling shutters with adjustable slats, slab projections acting as sun shades
  • Acoustic treatment of premises (false ceiling and floor coverings)
  • Lighting control by presence detector and natural light sensor