The ambition of the project was to create a building with immutable qualities, sheltered from any future urban modification, a building adapted to the child and to its scale, allowing the control of regrouping moments, isolation, movement and rest, activity and relaxation. The project creates “a new world”, that of the children’s home that can be seen from the square or the garden through controlled loopholes and transparencies. This scenography also makes it possible to increase the diversity of the sequences and to play with the effect of surprise from the urban space towards the heart of the project. Protective cocoon, the courtyard becomes in the project the link between all the building activities: arrival, reception, games, visual enjoyment. The interior facades generate the enclosed space which becomes the lung of the new early childhood building. The star shape makes it possible to reduce the need for fences, thus limiting the impression of confinement, while accentuating the notion of cocoon.

Strong points

  • Insertion of the project in a neighborhood built in the 1960s
  • Creation of a project in relation to the Albret school through an educational garden, a meeting place for different ages of childhood
  • Star-shaped building, allowing the creation of protected outdoor spaces like the schoolyards inscribed in our memories.
  • Three reception units, all autonomous and benefiting from access control


Daycare 20 places, nursery 68 places, administrative premises, activity and early learning facilities, outdoor spaces