The 32-unit retirement home is organized around a garden and offers a welcoming, friendly, intimate and practical environment at the same time, favouring the well-being of the residents. The accommodation and common areas are suitable for people with reduced mobility (limited heights, handrails in circulation areas, choice of flexible non-slip flooring, etc.). The tenants have a local catering service integrated into the residence. The living room and the dining room have been designed as meeting places and contribute to the conviviality of the residence. Particular attention has been paid to the choice of materials and colors as well as to the treatment of light.

Strong points

  • Bioclimatic design
  • Crossing housing facing South-West, passageways to the North
  • Natural ventilation system passing through the dwelling
  • Creation of a loggia equipped with shutters with electrically adjustable slats
  • Heated floor on heat pump
  • Taking into account the aging of people
  • All the living rooms have a good orientation (south-west), the service rooms are oriented north
  • All apartments are double oriented, allowing natural ventilation at night in summer
  • All the apartments have a good-sized loggia (outdoor living area), well oriented and equipped with solar protection (roller shutters with electric adjustable slats.)
  • Organization of buildings around an English-style garden
  • External thermal insulation


  • QEB process
  • Natural lighting of all premises including circulation> Double flow ventilation for common rooms. Alternative rainwater treatment by valleys and retention basin
  • Energy management
  • Solar production of domestic hot water
  • Solar gain treatment
  • Acoustic, hygrometric, visual and olfactory comfort
  • Canadian well> Gas central heating with possibility of supplement by heat pump